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Making it Through the Christmas Season

by Eva de Gosztonyi (7 Dec 2021)

Making it through the Christmas season-r
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Christmas is a time of love and joy for our children. But the time leading up to the big day can be challenging, particularly for children with special needs. So much excitement, but also alarm (what if Santa doesn’t think I’m good enough?) and also some frustration (will the big day ever come?) In this short video I will provide insight into a child’s emotional world and how emotions affect behaviour. Then I will share some ways in which parents and caregivers can compensate for their little ones’ immaturity to help make December go more smoothly. I’ll alert you to some pitfalls to avoid; help you to understand the importance of tears, especially when emotions run high; encourage you to allow for extra play time, and offer you ways in which you can keep the focus on what matters most to all children, a safe attachment to their parents and caregivers. Wishing you all a happy holiday season!

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